Prosperity Loose Smudge Starter Kit

Prosperity Loose Smudge Starter Kit

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This aromatic blend not only smells divine but is a potent Prosperity smudging mix.

Kit Includes:

3 Charcoal discs


10g Loose Prosperity Smudge in glass vial

Smudge contains:

Californian White Sage-Has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces, people and energies.

Hibiscus- Can rejuvenate your life force energy and build a love relationship, in this mix a love relationship with prosperity and abundance.

Mugwort- Amplifies your psychic abilities allowing you to truly envision your goals and intentions.

Lavender-Cleanses, creates harmony and attracts love.

Orange Peel- Brightens your spirit and brings in abundance and prosperity.

For external use only, should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave unattended.